About Us

    The Jolie Market was created out of a love for traveling and a love for others. Our goal is to bring the markets, bazaars, and piazzas of this world to you - along with all their stories. This collection we are honored to share Fair Trade products that are sourced in South East Asia, uniquely handmade and thoughtfully designed with natural resources. 

     By shopping with us, you are giving back to those communities and supporting their rich culture. Something that I hope to cultivate as a first generation US immigrant myself. I was raised hearing about life behind the iron curtain from my parents and relatives. My father was always sharing memories of the uncle who raised him and his many talents - one of them being basket weaving. And although I never met my greatuncle, and his trade was never passed on, he left a legacy of being one of the last craftsman in his small village of Bârsa, Romania. I would like to think of this project as an hommage to my own heritage and a hope to keep this art alive in all our homes.